From Humble Beginings

Our very first BBQ event EVER, here's me with a hasty logo ironed onto our t-shirts and a trusty WSM as our first cooker in 2008. Equipment was borrowed and hauled in a rented trailer. Not knowing what to expect, the ancillary entries or turn-ins that I was responsible for came in the top ten, unfortunately no cash or prize. Our primary meats were all upper middle of the pack.  While there was no gold plastic for us for that event, I was hooked on competition.

I had no idea as to what journey was to be had, in 2008 we completed two amateur events and won the Stratford Weekend Warrior GC and in the late summer we were drafted to compete in the Canadian Open in Barrie Ontario. The team took a 2nd Place Pork and a 1st for Cooks choice and another 1st for Best BBQ Sauce, that theme seems to have reoccurred at a 2014 world championship.

As we developed, so did our recipes, techniques, equipment as did our team. Travelling the competition trail is not the easiest thing for people to do. Time money and dealing with a chef Ramsey  is always conducive to a pleasant weekend. So certainly a fond mention  to Susan, my first cooking partner and a tip of the hat to Mike who coached us down this crazy path. Without these two, the black pig would never have had the opportunity to get out of the driveway.

A new team often asks what does it take to be successful and I consider it is really time,  dedication and a big wad of cash that you want to dump down a hole, much like owning a boat. You loose all your summer weekends, you spend tons of money; you deal with the elements and sometimes at about 4:30 am  during an overnight cook you question exactly why. "Is this really fun" you ask, but then awards times sneak up and if you are luck enough to hit the stage, well that feeling is hard to express. Ramp that feeling up at a world championship a few times and you will get what I mean.

Flash forward to today, we are working on our recipes for the 2014 World Food Championship as Team Canada BBQ. Members from across Canada in real time are add their culinary experience to develop and design what we hope to be a top contender at the event, this truly is a national team. It is also a sombre time for me to reflect on our humble beginnings as Les Noiracochon.

So as the Black Pig BBQ hangs it competitive hat in favor of Team Canada BBQ, we will transfer this program over to a commercial operation and thus the birth of The Black Pig BBQ LTD.

Yes now we cater....




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