Garlic Sausage

  • 12 lbs of Pork Butt w/ 30% minimum fat
    75 grams salt
    230 grams coarse minced fresh garlic
    20 grams oregano, ground
    20 grams basil, ground
    50 grams, minced dried onion (or granules)
    15 grams white pepper, ground
    15 grams, red peppercorn, ground
    100 grams, brown sugar
    1 whole nutmeg, ground
    100 grams granulated garlic
  1. Grind spices and seeds and mix thoroughly
  2. Grind pork butt and fat through the 3/8” plate
  3. Mix spices in with ground pork and let bloom in the fridge or cold room
  4. Make a patty with meat, fast fry, and taste for seasoning
  5. Adjust as necessary
  6. Process into medium hog casings
  7. Freeze or use within 5 days

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